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Our Bhusawal...

Bhusawal Junction is a best station in Central Railway zone. Bhusaval railway station was set up in 1863. The loco shed at Bhusaval was established by Great Indian Peninsula Railway in 1919. At that time it was the largest in Asia and third largest in the world. There are eight platforms and three more (total @ 11) on this station. One more means nine platforms are there soon. There are 327 trains arrives on this station. Bhusawal railway junction is one of the largest railway yards of the Indian subcontinent. Bhusawal railway yard is one of the biggest yard in Asia. It is second largest yard in Asia. A unique diamond crossing can be seen here, it is in ninety (90) degree to each other. Bhusawal is the nearest such a railway junction to Ajanta (60 km away) where every train has a stop. There are 23 direct trains from Pune to Bhusawal. The distance from Pune to Bhusawal is 344 km and the road distance between Pune to Bhusawal is 396 km. By Train it is 497 Km. It takes up to 8 (eight) hours approx by train. Even direct Bus fasility is also available. Bhusawal is also famous for its banana cultivation. Traders from various parts of the country come to Bhusawal to buy raw bananas. Bananas are exported to different countries across the world. Bhusawal is also known for special white-green brinjals that are grown locally in the nearby areas. Bhusawal sizzles up to 49 Degree °C in April, May and mostly few days in June also!. Bhusawal Thermal Power Station is a 1,420-mega watt (MW) capacity currently, approximately 8 kilometers away from the city of Bhusawal. There are four units are running at present which has 210, 210, 500, 500 MW capacity. One 62.5 MW capacity unit has been deleted previously.