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CIDCO organizes Vasant Mela at Urban Haat

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The Urban Haat at Navi Mumbai has surfaced as the new happening destination for the exhibition and sale of artifacts of artisans from various states. Last year, the citizens of Navi Mumbai bought the artifacts from various states displayed at different exhibitions at Urban Haat and also experienced a great time. The exhibitions included CIDCO Navi Mumbai Festival, Kokan Saras, Maharashtra Mahotsav, Handloom Festival, Marathi Vyapari Mitramandal Mahotsav, Vasant Mela, Shravan Mela and Surabhi Dhamaka.

Now, Vasant Mela is being organized at Urban Haat from 9th to 20th March, 2011. With an objective to benefit the artists displaying their traditional folk art at the Urban Haat as well as the citizens, CIDCO aims to organize such exhibitions for the whole year at Urban Haat.

Through this appeal, Bachat Gats from all Zilla Parishads under Rural Development Department, Maharashtra, artisans related to Khadi Gramodyog Mandal as well as handloom, handicraft and food artists, sculptors and small businesses are being invited to participate in the Vasant Mela.

Any artist, NGO and Bachat Gat producing handloom, handicraft, food, herbal and floriculture products, art and paintings, books in various languages, bamboo and wooden furniture, jute, leather and terracotta products, and garden and nursery equipment can participate in this Vasant Mela in March 2011. To participate, contact Manager - Urban Haat, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai on 022-2756 1284 (0) / 95945 21169 (M) or e-mail manager.urbanhaat@gmail.com.